These are some of my favorite pieces of writing (they're links).

odd jobs

Being an artist is an odd undertaking. Most careers in the arts entail economic uncertainty, more than typically found in other professions. It’s a field that disparages wage work and valorizes unpaid activities, often at the expense of an artist’s financial stability. Odd Jobs features interviews with artists about how their practices—indeed, their lives—do and do not align with the needs and values associated with more traditional career paths. Here are some favorites:

"Odd Jobs: On Becoming Something Else," Art Practical,

"Odd Jobs: Flouting the Work History," Art Practical

"Odd Jobs: Being an Artist in a Small City," Art Practical

“Odd Jobs: Amir H. Fallah,” Daily Serving

“Odd Jobs: Mary Reid Kelley,” Daily Serving

“Odd Jobs: Kalup Linzy,” Daily Serving

“Odd Jobs: Jibz Cameron/Dynasty Handbag,” Daily Serving


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